Date Adopted 5/27/14.
Purpose: To designate the addresses (physical and electronic) of the Albuquerque Modern Quilt Guild (“Guild”), to establish a uniform and systematic protocol for conducting meetings of the Guild, including members’ meetings (including committee meetings) and Guild events, and for the use of social media platforms relating to the Guild, so as to ensure equitable participation by members while permitting the conduct of the business of the Guild.

NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS RESOLVED that the Steering Committee of the Guild (“SC”) does hereby adopt the following policy governing the address of the Guild.
The Guild will receive mail and other communications at in care of Hip Stitch, 7001 San Antonio NE, Albuquerque, 87109. Registered contacts for the Guild can be found at abqmqg.org. A roster of contact information for Guild members is available from the SC.

NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS RESOLVED that the SC does hereby adopt the following policy governing the conduct of Guild meetings (including committee meetings and Guild events):
•    All meetings of the Guild are open to every member, and members shall be permitted to attend, listen, and speak at an appropriate time during a meeting.

•    First-time guests are welcome to attend one meeting free of charge; thereafter, the guest fee is $5 per person per meeting.

•    The SC reserves the right to deny access of any member or guest to, or to ask a member or guest to leave, any Guild meeting or other Guild-sponsored events, in the event of disruptive or unruly behavior, or other circumstances that the SC determines may give rise to concerns for the safety of members, guests or other persons.

•    The Guild strives to ensure the comfort and safety of our members and visitors by encouraging an environment free from smoke, fragrances or unpleasant smells. These odors are distracting and may trigger allergic reactions or create health problems for sensitive individuals.  Smoking is not allowed at Guild meetings or events. We also encourage members to be considerate of those for whom heavy perfumes, colognes or other fragrances pose a problem, and be temperate in their use of same.

•    Children: Our desire is to create an adult environment for exploring modern quilting. We want everyone to enjoy our meetings, sew days, and other events, and be able to focus, share, and have fun without any distractions. We welcome nursing infants, young quilters, and children (from age 12 and up) who will attend without interrupting the business at hand. A child must attend with his/her parent or guardian, who will be responsible for the child’s behavior. Childcare is not provided. Parents are strongly discouraged from bringing toddlers or young children to meetings, both for their own safety and to avoid disruptions. The SC reserves the right to request that any child be removed from a meeting, sew day, or other event.

•    The agenda for all meetings shall follow the order of business determined by the Steering Committee.

•    The President or acting chair of a meeting will be responsible for running the meeting, and may place reasonable restrictions on agenda items, including limiting the time for members to speak, or on the time or number of items allowed for each member during regular agenda items such as “Show and Tell”, so to allow sufficient time for as many members as possible to participate within the time permitted.

•    In general, a member wishing to speak on a particular item of business on the agenda should be allowed to speak before formal action is taken on that item. Any member wishing to speak at a meeting about an item of business not on the agenda must inform the President or acting chair before the commencement of the meeting. The President or acting chair may allow time at that meeting, or may refer the request to the Steering Committee for immediate decision or for decision at a later meeting of the Guild or Steering Committee.

•    Note taking at meetings is permitted, however, video or audio recording of all or any portion of any meeting by members requires prior approval of the Steering Committee. The President or acting chair may also limit or disallow the taking photographs of guest speakers or their work.

NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS RESOLVED that the SC does hereby adopt the following policy governing the use of social media platforms relating to the Guild.
•    The Guild uses social media platforms to help members communicate and to give members notice of meetings and planned activities.

•    Social media platforms include, but are not limited to, the Guild’s open group on Facebook and the Guild blog. This policy covers existing social media platforms as well as emerging social media platforms.

•    Social media platforms will be overseen by a member or members of the Steering Committee.

•    Guild members must be respectful and polite when posting comments. Comments that are derogatory, obscene or objectionable will be deleted and the poster’s membership in the Guild may be revoked.

The undersigned, being the duly elected and qualified Secretary of the Guild, hereby certifies that the foregoing initial Policies and Procedures of the Guild were duly adopted by the Steering Committee of the Guild January 1, 2014.

____/s/ Lois Warwick

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