Fiber Arts Scholarship

Albuquerque Fiber Arts Council Scholarship and Guild

Funding Opportunities

“It allowed me to grow as an artist by learning new skills,” said Abq

MQG member Afton Warrick about the three day class she took from

Betty Busby in Santa Fe in 2013.

Afton was a recipient of the Guild Member Scholarship for Workshops

and Classes provided by the Albuquerque Fiber Arts Council. After

the class she created a wall hanging and she has incorporated

techniques she learned to make other projects since that time.

To fulfill her commitment to the AFAC for being awarded the

scholarship Afton did demonstrations at Thimbleweed Quilters and

Quilts Ole. She also has a tutorial on her blog:

reemay.html .

Have you been thinking about doing some skill building, research,

studying, attending a conference or taking part in private study with a

mentor in one of your fiber arts related interests? If so, then the

AFAC is waiting to hear from you by filling out an application, due

June 30, 2016, and letting them know how they can help you!

The categories of opportunities available are: New Mexico Resident

Scholarship in Fibers, Heritage Scholarship and Guild Member

Scholarship for Workshops and Classes as well as Guild Funding.

For further information please go to this web page: .

You may also contact: .

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