April Meeting

Hi, everyone- the April ABQ MQG meeting is on April 5 starting at 6:00 at the North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center.  The program is Block Builder- this is a fun, hands-on program presented by Mandy Ruden and me based on the Block Builder challenges in GenQ magazine.  Please bring pencils, colored pencils, markers- anything that you like to use to draw and color with!  Mandy will also show how to turn your drawn blocks into actual quilt blocks.   Remember to bring your block of the month for March to put up on the wall.  And don’t forget your show and tell.

We still have a few spaces left in the Victoria Findlay Wolfe classes for Double Wedding Ring (an improv twist on an old favorite) and the LeMoyne Star (Victoria jazzes up another classic pattern) and for the dinner. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do it at the meeting on Tuesday. If you have signed up, thanks.  Please let you fellow quilters know about the classes and dinner-this is going to be a really great event. Victoria is a delightful person and teacher.
As a Board, our goal is to plan programs, teachers, swaps and challenges that our members are interested in and want to participate in. If you have ideas for programs, for a national teacher or teachers that you would like to have come to Albuquerque, or for fun quilt challenges or swaps, please share your ideas with Mandy Ruden, Catherine Silling, Claudia Reyes or me. If you would like to present a program, please talk to me.  I’m especially looking for hands-on programs and programs about different elements of modern quilting but I’m open to lots of ideas. Remember, this is your guild and we value your input!
Looking forward to seeing everyone at Colors of the Southwest and at our meeting on Tuesday.
Lorraine Hollingsworth
ABQ MQG Secretary



  1. Hi!
    I’m interested in joining your guild. I am an individual member of MQG and have had a couple of quilts in QuiltCon but we don’t have a guild where I live in Ohio. We now live most of the time in Santa Fe.
    Susan Slusser Clay

  2. Hello:I received the ABQ MQG newsletter today and was SO EXCITED to read that you are bringing Victoria Findlay Wolfe to Albuquerque!   I want to sign up for 2 workshops and the dinner/lecture, but I can’t get to the meeting tomorrow night.   (I live in Los Lunas.)How may I pay and sign up without attending the meeting?  I just love Victoria’s sewing and ideas.   I have her book and have followed her on Nancy Z and the internet.I’d be glad to mail in a check if that is what works for you.  Sincerely,Marcie Bernal McKenzie505 463- 5978

  3. Hi I would like to register for a VFW workshop if space is still available. I’m in Roswell and haven’t been to a meeting. Can someone email me about this at sagenovembersewsATgmailDOTcom? Thank you!

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