Oh Snap we meet on Tuesdays now


Lucky for me, we aren’t meeting at 9:30 am.  We meet at 6.  On a Tuesday.  The first Tuesday of the month.  Unless something changes.  But it probably won’t.  But you never know.


So . . . better follow us on Facebook and subscribe to the blog.  Ya never know what the Steering Committee has up their sleeves.

One comment

  1. In the past the board, or steering committee, has gotten a vote from the membership to make major meeting changes. Why was there no discussion about this with the whole guild? This is very annoying and fishy. What if a larger number of people can’t come on Tuesdays? What if the holiday issue isn’t actually that big of a deal to the majority guild? How will they ever know without asking??? And how come there isn’t a better forum to discuss these concerns? Perhaps those issues will be addressed at the next meeting…

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