1. The line “Modern quilting is about the journey, rather than how you get there.” makes no sense at.all. Also I really dislike that “modern quilting” is all about usable quilts–that totally goes against the “personal expression” of the Philosophy Definition on the previous page! And the porn quote! OMG sooooo bad, just…wow…just…I have too many issues with this PDF to even begin to get to all of them. If I didn’t know people in the guild and I read this, I would be like, wow this sounds like a bunch of pretentious quilters. NONE of the page on Aesthetics and Philosophy make sense–it just keeps using circular reasoning to try and make a point. And I am just SO over the whole modern movement preaching about matchstick and/or straight line quilting like it’s the Holy Grail of MQ–it is simple and creatively lazy, though yes lovely in some cases and creates nice texture. But it is SO overused! And it’s NOT dynamic texture–it is straight texture! I couldn’t disagree more and take offense to the line: “Feathers, McTavishing and other flourished quilting are hard to pull off in a modern context.” If this was a presentation at the ABQMQG meeting in November, I’m glad I missed it. I would have felt like I had no place in that room, completely alienated from all the gibberish in the “aesthetics” and “philosophy”. Once again I realize how NOT “modern” I am as a quilter. But this time I’m glad, because I like my little grey area of the quilting universe.

  2. Please read sentences 1,2 and 5 under the Philosophy heading on page 11. that all by itself would be enough. Not sure why modern quilting guild is trying to reinvent the definitions, etc.etc.etc.
    I support your distinctive points of view and critique, Renee. good points you make.

  3. So this slide presentation is taken a little out of context. It looks like it was pulled largely from a webinar presented by Heather Graham back in 2014. After listening to it on the MQG website it clarifies what she means by usable quilts, quilting, philosophy vs aesthetics. The webinar does not come off pretentious, but was quite positive. Whether we agree or disagree with her thoughts I think we should all quilt what we love and love what we quilt.

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