Change of Venue

As our guild continues to grow, we are searching for a permanent, larger, more accommodating space.  So far we have two viable options.  We can stay at the North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center but we have to change our meeting time to the first Monday of the month to secure the larger room.  If we keep with the 4th Thursday of the month we would have to move to a church on 4th and Montano.  The Steering Committee wants to hear your opinion on the matter.  As it stands, we aren’t able to hold regular meetings at the  Northeast Church of Christ for much longer.  We need a new home and we need it fast!  Please take some time to vote and make your voice heard!  We want to hear your thoughts and opinions.  Lets have an open dialogue regarding this important matter.

One comment

  1. I wanted to quickly address comments we have been receiving regarding our change of venue. Regardless of time or meeting day, we cannot secure the church space next to Hip Stitch. We also cannot use the Northeast Church of Christ as our long-term, regular meeting space. I hope this clears up any questions or concerns our members have had.

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